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Cowichan Valley Amateur Radio repeater

Monday Evening Communications Net

Monday evening at 19:30 hours on 145.470- pl 127.3 tone (Mt Sicker).

Guidelines For Net Controllers

Net controllers should follow the net document provided to them by the Club executive as it will be updated often and is more accurate than this web site. The following describes the net's purpose and flow of the session.

This is < your call > - calling the Cowichan Valley Monday Evening Communications Net. Net Control this evening is < your call >, my name is and I am located in .

Is there any station that is willing to act as a backup net control this evening?

Is there any station requiring this frequency for emergency use or to pass emergency traffic? If so, call now.

Emergency Traffic will always be recognized and handled immediately. During such an event, all stations are requested to standby and permit the Net Control station to handle the traffic.

This Net meets each Monday evening at 19:30 hours Pacific Time. This is a Directed Net. If repeater failure is experienced during the course of this Net, all stations are asked to switch to 147.500 Mhz simplex and stand by for instructions.

The purpose of this Net is to exercise Communications Procedures, Traffic Handling and perform Weekly Equipment Checks. This net will also provide an opportunity for updates on Amateur Radio operators and activities in the Cowichan Valley. 

All stations are welcome. Stations not called may check in after the roll call.

Roll Call will be conducted by Net Control who will call stations in alphabetic order. When responding to Net Control, please state your name, current geographic location, if your station is packet ready and if you are holding message traffic or a bulletin.

Roll Call for the Net begins:

Are there any mobile or portable stations?

The net is called according to the Net controller's document and stations checking in are recorded there.

Are there any stations on the frequency that were not called and would like to check-in or stations late or missed, please call now.

Are there any other stations with message traffic or bulletins for the net?

(NOTE: Handle any acknowledged traffic now.)

Are there any other stations with message traffic for the net?

This is < your call >.

Open Mic session: Does anyone have anything that they would like to open for discussion tonight? IE radio problems, ideas for the net etc.

This is - is there any further business or comments for the good of the Net?

This concludes the Cowichan Valley Monday Evening Communications Net. I now return this repeater back to general use.

Thank you for your participation this evening. This is < your call > clear.


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