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Dedicated to supporting community events and emergency communications
Cowichan Valley Amateur Radio repeater

Morning Net Controller Information

We meet every morning at 08:15 local time on Island Trunk system. 146.680 Mhz or 442.600 Mhz - VE7RNA in the Cowichan Valley

Anyone interested in becoming a net controller should contact any of the current controllers or VE7JVA.

Normally the controller takes the net from Sunday to Saturday. In the event that a controller is unexpectedly not available, please make your own arrangement for a replacement.

Morning Net suggested wording for Controllers.

Net Control for this week is______________. My QTH is _________.
The purpose of our net is to keep in touch with members, pass on society activities and check on any sick or injured members.

Continue with the following:
1. Is there emergency traffic?
2. Announcements from the executive?
3. Birthday or anniversaries?
   Announce the ones on the sheet if any, then call for any others
4. Sick or injured members?

Welcome Scanners, call for Mobiles.
The roll call will be in a geographic rotation. Please check in when your AREA is called. If we miss you in rotation, we will ask for any additional check-ins at the end of the net. If you need to break into the net, please say CONTACT and allow the net controller to recognize you. Mobiles may break in at any time. All call signs should be given PHONETICALLY.

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Duncan East
North of Nanaimo South
North of Duncan West
West North of Nanaimo
South North of Duncan
East Duncan
Late or Missed & Echolink Late or Missed & Echolink

Are there any visitors? And are there comments for the good of the net?

I will now close the net and wish to thank the Island Trunk System for the use of the system. We had ___ check ins. This is ______ clear and QRT.

radio tower

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